The Livable Communities Coalition

Working to improve Atlanta's quality of life through smart growth


The Livable Communities Coalition launched their Fair Share for Transit initiative on Mar. 29 at the Old Freight Depot downtown. Watch the video to learn what a Fair Share means.

June Deen, representing Mother and Others for Clean Air at the rally, shares their interest in supporting a Fair Share for Transit.

Environment Georgia’s policy director Jennette Gayer shares the advantages of transit in securing a cleaner and more energy independent Georgia.

A.J. Robinson of Central Atlanta Progress advocates for a Fair Share’s role in nurturing the business interests of downtown Atlanta.

Partnership for Southern Equity director Nathaniel Smith notes that a Fair Share for Transit helps older adults and other populations live more independently and with dignity.

Patricia Nobbie, Deputy Director for the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, discusses the role of transit in supporting the disability community.


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