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Guest blog: TIA is about a better Georgia – for all Georgians

Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities director Eric Jacobson.

While speaking on behalf of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) and the Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia, the organizations’ TIA goals are not limited to just those who need “human services transportation,” but instead speak to the transportation needs of ALL Georgians!

We don’t seek “special treatment” for the disability community. We simply seek more transportation options which will serve all of our region’s residents and visitors – which also includes the disability community.

We ask that the Atlanta Regional Roundtable support three concepts and projects:

  1. More transit options, and overall TIA funding for transit at the recommended 55% funding level for transit projects as called for in the Recommended Final Constrained Project List;
  2. The ability to get to and use existing and new transit service when it is in place. This would be done through TIA projects that provide better access to fixed-route transit stops and stations – sidewalks and accessible bus and rail transit stops. By doing these projects, too, we would also allow the region to potentially reduce the need for more costly on-demand Paratransit trips by allowing riders to get to and use regular fixed route transit service; and
  3. A one-stop Mobility Management Call Center which ties together all of the region’s transportation options, public and private, so that all folks (not just seniors and the disabled) can quickly get regional travel information at one location through one phone call! Specifically, Project TIA-AR-044.

IN SUMMARY: Fund transit projects overall at the 55% of total TIA funding level; fund projects that allow people to use transit more easily through accessible transit stops and shelters; and provide the information resource needed (Call Center) to tie all the region’s mobility options together!


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