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Roads: Every Thug’s Partner in Crime

Citizens for Progressive Transit president Ashley Robbins.

I always hear people complaining about the crime that transit brings to their neighborhood.  In making arguments against transit it’s often stated as a fact that MARTA brings crime. There seems to be this need to instill fear in the hearts of the good citizens of our region that if we allow transit into our neighborhood that the world as we know it will go up in flames as those transit riding people come into our homes and steal our stuff.

Well I just don’t get it.  I ride trains and buses including MARTA, CCT, and GRTA all the time and do you know what I never see? Shady men in ski masks carrying around flat screen televisions and grandmother’s silver.  But I want to talk to you about roads.

If you want to point the blame of crime on something, I nominate our roads. Roads are what get criminals to your house to steal your heirloom china and jewelry, be it on that bus, or more often, on in a car.

Think about it.  You always hear about get-a-way cars, not a get-a-way train.  It goes without saying that there was still crime when we didn’t have roads and cars and criminals rode horses, but it’s a proven fact that the instances of crime have skyrocketed since cars were introduced into society.  If someone robbed a house or a bank and got on a train we’d know exactly where they were going and we’d be able to just catch up with them at the next station but a car affords criminals the ability to go where ever they want! How can we keep track of them when roads are EVERYWHERE?

If we want to make sure our communities and our families are safe then we should lobby against the expansion of roads which bring crime right to our front door. Roads pave the way for criminals into our homes.


One response to “Roads: Every Thug’s Partner in Crime

  1. YoBusDriver September 28, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Buses and transit bring crime into an area is just asinine. There was one recent incident where an individual robbed a bank and thought he could escape on a HART bus. Needless to say he was caught within minutes of boarding the bus. If anything buses can help keep communities safer with the security cameras used on the bus, since most of the time they can see outside of the bus, and a vigilant operator can help spot crime and call into dispatch who can notify the authorities.

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