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Who said what: Audio highlights of the Aug. 15 roundtable meeting.

Final details of the draft transportation project list that will be the focus of 12 meetings throughout the region in September were hammered out in a four-hour meeting of the five-person executive committee of the metro Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable the afternoon of Aug. 15. Listen to excerpts (above) to get a sense of the depth of support for various transit projects voiced by those present.

Now, the full 21-member roundtable has begun the work to develop the final project list by the Oct. 15 deadline.

The full roundtable may decide to strongly adhere to the executive committee’s recommendations. Or, the region may find that the full roundtable may go back and reconsider other projects that made the unconstrained list but did not make the draft project list.

Significantly, the draft project list reflects an emerging public sentiment that the region needs more transportation choices by enhancing and expanding transit, and that any project list must communicate a strong vision for relieving congestion, promoting economic development and creating jobs.

For the first time in more than 30 years, the region seems ready to commit significant resources to transit. The draft project list commits $3.4 billion to transit over the life of the proposed 10-year tax.

It is apparent how much the region has changed over the last 10 years by listening to locally elected officials talk about the region’s transportation needs. Most acknowledge the region needs transit to move forward.

As Livable Communities Coalition executive director Ray Christman has noted publicly and in a Fair Share for Transit podcast, this is a dynamic shift for the region.

The Livable Communities Coalition invites you to listen in to some of the audio highlights from the Aug. 15 roundtable meeting in the set list above to hear for yourself how our leaders are talking about the future of the region. A full audio file is available on the Atlanta Regional Roundtable website.


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