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Audio slideshow of a modern-day commuter’s story

ATLANTA – Like many Cobb residents, every work day presents Josh Roseman a commuting challenge.

On a good day, it will take him about 50 minutes to get home from work. Other days can take easily over an hour.

And like the rest of us, Roseman is too busy to spend that much time in traffic.

Roseman has started to follow the conversation that is taking place right now about transportation in the region.

The Transportation Investment Act presents an opportunity for metro areas in the state to try to redress their transportation problems. The allows the ten counties that make up metro Atlanta to designate transportation projects on a wish list that eventually will be refined by Oct. 15. Residents in the ten-county area will vote in a referendum currently scheduled for 2012 to either pass or reject a one-penny sales tax that would be used to fund the projects on the final transportation list.

Roseman indicates he is inclined to vote in favor of the tax. He also hopes that this process will help bring more transit to the region.

Watch the audio slideshow of Roseman’s commute last Thurs. to learn more about his commuting story and his desire for transportation solutions.


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