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Shifting attitudes support a Fair Share

Metro Atlanta may have a more robust transportation future if polls are any indication.

The Livable Communities Coalition conducted a poll last May to see how residents of metro Atlanta felt about transportation and what was needed to improve the area’s transportation infrastructure.

In the second podcast of our Fair Share for Transit podcast series, Livable Communities Coalition communications director interviews the Ray Christman, the Coalition’s executive director, and Citizens for Progressive Transit president Ashley Robbins about the area’s shifting attitudes towards transit.

Christman notes that poll results generally show that residents feel that roads are not the solution to improving traffic; rather, residents acknowledge that other options like transit are needed.

Citizens for Progressive Transit spearheaded an effort last fall in Clayton Co. to generate support for a non-binding referendum that would help restore transit in the county.  Robbins shares her observations from that experience and how they generally apply to the metro area.

Visit The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has provided ongoing coverage of the transportation referendum process.


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