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Poll shows growing support for transit

Livable Communities Coalition executive director Ray Christman

Independence. Choice. Control.

For many of us metro Atlanta’s traffic woes have limited independence, choice and control in our everyday lives.

In a recent article by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Ariel Hart, a poll shows residents of metro Atlanta are eager for more transportation choices.

The article cites changing attitudes towards transit in Atlanta’s suburban communities.

A big question in this time of economic uncertainty is whether the area is willing to pay for a more sophisticated transportation network that includes a greater share for transit.

The Livable Communities Coalition takes the position that the area is ready to make an investment in its future. Polls conducted by the Livable Communities Coalition in 2010 and by the former metro Atlanta Transportation Planning Board in 2008 help show this is a distinct trend.

The good news is that metro Atlanta has an opportunity to assert independence, choice and control through the Transportation Investment Act, which will allow voters in the ten-county area to either approve or reject a proposed one-cent sales tax that would help critical transportation improvements throughout the region.

Of course, voters will want to know whether transportation improvement projects can deliver on the promise of enhanced mobility.

As we speak, transportation leaders elected by us are evaluating the projects submitted by communities throughout the region to determine which projects should be included in a final transportation list. This will be the list available to voters prior to the summer 2012 sales tax referendum.

The Livable Communities Coalition seeks the time permitted by this evaluation process to facilitate a region-wide conversation about our transportation future. Accordingly, we have launched a public education initiative we call a Fair Share for Transit.

We feel that a significant commitment to transit is what this region needs to build a foundation for a strong future and to help everyone in the region have more independence, choice and control than we currently have.

As State Rep. Mike Jacobs noted at our launch, the success of the transportation referendum depends on our ability to ensure the right projects end up on that final list. Let’s make sure your voice is heard by pledging a transit receives its fair share.


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